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About the group of companies


The group "Ecobioton" LLC and SIA "Bestran" ( Riga, Latvia) invites companies and entrepreneurs to collaborate in the organization of contract manufacturing of the biomass of  microscopic fungus Blakeslea trispora - the raw material for the extraction of natural beta-carotene color for food industry.

The planned location of the production - the European Union (Germany , Latvia and Spain). Annual demand in the European market only for food beta carotene is 88 tons (data for 2008) , annual growth of 1-3% is stable. Since 2010, the growth of the market in the segment of natural beta-carotene according to some reports is as high as 10 % - due to the displacement of synthetic azo dyes, products which, according to EU Directive 1333/2008 (Annex V), should be marked: "May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children".  Planned production capacity at the first stage - up to 8 tons per year, on the second (after expansion) - up to 16 tonnes per year per crystalline beta-carotene (9 and 18 % of the market respectively). Expected profit - 2-3 and 4-6 million per year, respectively, for the first and the second stage.

We ask to pay particular attention:

- Processing plants that are able to carry out beta-carotene extraction from plant material;

- Enterprises that produce food and beverages containing yellow-orange colors;

- Businessmen interested in investing effectively.


Contact:    e-mail: ecobioton@gmail.com

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 About the group of companies   Supercritical fluid technology   Raw materials and supercritical extracts   Equipment